October 30, 2015

TheLastestAction_headerThings are going gangbusters here at Interaction, which is why we decided to launch a monthly eNewsletter last week called ‘The Latest Action’. Designed to inform you of the latest trends in customer communications, new applications and show off the Quadcopter that Warwick 3D printed!

We knew our content was interesting and on point, but there was still much debate about when to send the campaign to yield the best open rates.

I decided to take to the Internet and see what others had to say on the subject. Most told me that I should send all communication between 12 and 2 Tues-Thurs, which got me thinking… “If everyone is sending emails at those times won’t ours just get lost in the sea of emails?”

Here are the Top 3 hard and fast rules I read:

1. Manic Mondays and Itchy feet Fridays: Mondays are no ones favourite day of the week. Connecting with audiences on the day they are most likely wishing they were anywhere else will more than likely fall on deaf ears. In contrast to that sending emails on a Friday is also a bit pointless as it’s itchy-feet day and most want it to be the weekend already!

2. Avoid the weekend: No-one is at work so, why bother sending when no-one’s there?

3. Stick in the middle: 1pm-3pm (midday) Tues and Thurs (mid- week)

However there are so many variables. What content are you sharing with your customers? How urgent is the information? How interesting, informative and useful will it be for the end user? What works for one campaign may not work for another.

So really there are no hard and fast rules. Do you as a consumer only read emails on a Wednesday at 1pm? If you are anything like me you probably read emails before work, after work, on the weekends, sometimes at 11pm at night when you can’t sleep. You may read emails just because a catchy headline gets your attention? Or because you were in need of widgets and then bam, just like magic, a special on widgets appeared in your inbox.

The ultimate rule is to trust your own data and test it. By testing and recording your results you will be able to build your own schedule that will increase your click through rates and give your campaign a better chance of success.

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