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The 4 biggest security threats to your company’s data

October 2, 2015

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In today’s digital world maintaining your client’s sensitive information is a full time job.

Data breaches can result in huge financial costs to the organisation, including reimbursement to customers and data recovery fees. Not to mention immeasurable damage to your business reputation.

From hackers to employee negligence, here are the top 4 biggest security risks every business faces no matter what size.

1. Employee Negligence

Staff training is very important. Some employees may not know ‘online security best practice’ which could potentially put business data at risk. Hold training sessions and ongoing support to teach employees about password management and how to avoid phishing and keylogger scams. Use a password management system to eliminate the need for human error when it comes to updating passwords on a 30-60 day basis.

2. Forgetting to routinely back up data

Implementing an automated backup and recovery strategy can protect your organisation should a disaster strike.

3. Insecure Devices

Network devices such as routers, servers and printers are vulnerable if their hardware is not designed to enable strict security encryption. This threat can leave organisations at risk to hackers waiting to gain access to your data.

4. Choosing the wrong solution provider

Failing to undergo thorough background checks on providers assisting you in your organisation’s data security can leave you vulnerable.

Understanding where your data is stored and how it is encrypted and shared with your vendor may just save you the drama of security breaches in the future.

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