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Ramsys and ActionMail change the game for Retailers

February 14, 2014

Retailers know the value of point of sale data but too often miss golden opportunities to optimise data for bettering customer engagement.

Actionmail integration with Ramsys POS solution produces seamless trigger communications based on the transaction. Here is what Ramsys has to say…

Kiwi software firm, Ramsys Management Systems, has announced a new partnership with Direct Marketing firm, ActionMail to ‘change the game of Direct Marketing for Retailers.

Ramsys makes retail management software for Retailers in New Zealand and aboard. This includes point of sale, back office management and CRM/loyalty. ActionMail delivers direct marketing in the form of physical mail, email and personalised websites.

The partnership has involved Ramsys and ActionMail developing a full time interface between the Ramsys software and the ActionMail direct mailing facilities in New Zealand and Australia.

Ramsys General Manager, Stu Lees, explains, “Retailers all understand the value of keeping in contact with their customers and usually, they have that data available. Unfortunately, the process of getting the data out of their systems is usually cumbersome and time consuming and then it has to be reformatted, validated and then emailed off to a third party bureau.

Inevitably, this means that the concept is often neglected or sometimes simply put in the too hard basket. With our partnership with ActionMail, we’ve solved this problem by automating the entire process.” Mr Lees continues.

“As an example, we can set it up so that whenever a new customer is added to your loyalty system, the system can choose to send them an email, a printed voucher or both. The system can also wait for a set time period and send a follow up voucher in a couple of months. All without any work being performed by the Marketing manager.”

Brenden Rolsten is the Managing Director of ActionMail. His business has perfected the art of personalised direct marketing over several decades. “With the pressure on retailers to constantly innovate – being able to automate the repetitive promotions makes absolute sense. For us to integrate our service directly into the Retailers’ software, Ramsys customers can avoid the setup costs, planning and time required to start from scratch on this type of project.

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