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Print on Demand (POD)

Print on demand (POD) allows businesses to only print what they need when they need it. This is particularly good for short print runs that require a fast turnaround and speed to market.

Digital print and print on demand works for printing of brochures, flyers, booklets, magazines and all short forms of print, with the ability to set up templates for variable data so the print is relevant and targeted for the recipient.

POD means there is no need for storage of large amounts of printed products in warehouses, saving time and money and ensuring the print quality is always at it’s best. POD also means there is substantially reduced wastage in the event the copy or contents of the printed piece is changed.

Booklet & Magazine Printing

At interAction, our modern digital presses enable print-ready solutions for booklet printing as well as magazine printing. Our printers allow our clients to print full colour booklets, bound with variable data, delivering a cost-effective way to personalise the content of your recipients and make them feel special.

Print up to 120 pages and use various paper weights and finishes, interActions’ booklet printing solution will tick the box for large corporates and smaller business alike.

There is no need to print in bulk now and store your booklets and magazines. Have them printed on demand, in the quantity you need, when you need it. Best of both worlds.
With a full creative design service, interAction has you covered from design to print to film wrapping and distribution