MEET THE TEAM – Nick the Storeman

December 18, 2015

Meet the Interaction Team_ Nick the storemanMeet Nick, the latest edition to the Interaction team. A recent high school graduate, Nick ‘s new role has him operating the Intel Machines, Direct Impress, laser printers and forklift, along with managing incoming and outgoing stock from Interaction’s warehouse.

Name: Nicholas Waugh

Title: Storeman

Start Date: November 23rd 2015

What do you enjoy most about your new job?

I’d have to say the hours and my super friendly co-workers.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully studying something within the technology field at Newcastle University.

What new technologies do you see evolving in your industry that you are excited about?

At my age I am excited about all new technologies within the industry!

As a young person working in the technology industry what new trends do you see emerging that you believe organisations need to begin implementing?

Within in my industry I believe that the delivery of states via email is something we could expand on. Electronic mail delivery is the way of the future.

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