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Database Marketing

Our data services are the muscle behind any customer communication activity.

We regularly help our clients manage database marketing and data driven marketing to drive their results and customer interAction further. We also assist clients such as financial institutions to communicate highly specific transactional information – such as bank statements and credit card invoices – to their customers.

This means we’re used to dealing with large volumes of data and delivering confidential, time-critical information to the right person. We’ve even developed applications to manage communication activities and automate workflows.

Email Marketing

We provide the full scope of bulk email marketing services including database management, verification and analytics.

If you’re already, or perhaps considering, integrating e-channels into your customer communication program, our email marketing services will help you nail it.

Boost your email marketing program with our:

  • powerful data insight and management
  • creative services
  • personalised webpages and response forms that feed customer responses back to you in real time
  • Try a couple of different messages and see what works with A and B sampling
  • campaign management and real time analytics
  • experience in bulk email marketing

Because we’re Customer Communication Specialists, we can run a campaign with a mix of postal and digital outputs to reflect each customer’s preference, or your specific communication goals.

Your EDM’s should be relevant and targeted, so don’t forget to speak to us about our capabilities and make sure the messages you’re sending will get the response you require. Close the loop and get feedback from your customers, with customised landing pages and pre populated webforms.