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interAction saves Debitsuccess $500,000 with automated, streamlined communication

The Client

Debitsuccess provides recurring payment services (billing, call centre customer management and credit control) for more than 3,000 businesses across a wide range of industries. It initiates more than 22 million transactions a year in Australia and New Zealand.

The Situation

One of Australasia’s largest full payment service processors, Debitsuccess, had a cumbersome, labour intensive and costly customer communication process.

The Solution

  • Built a bespoke application to automate workflows from data processing through to customer delivery.
  • Migrated the data processing from in-house, and in the process centralised client communication processes.
  • Converted large volumes correspondence from print to digital.

interAction initially helped Debitsuccess to stop being a mail house so it could get on with its core business. In less than six weeks it was no longer using letter machines or having staff stuffing envelopes – saving it 50 hours a week plus overheads.

Debitsuccess still had the increasing cost of postage and a cumbersome process. The next project saw interAction change Debitsuccess’ CRM system and process so email was the first communication process. It then automated the process, introducing a templated system which it now manages for Debitsuccess.

Key Savings & Benefits

  • $500,000 in savings in postage, stationery and human resources.
  • Additional savings in data storage.
  •  More flexibility for customers – communication is customised to client needs.
  •  The ability to focus on core business.
  • Easier to make process changes.

What they Say

According to Debitsuccess’ Chief Operations Officer Wayne Pointon, interAction made the project easy. interAction’s key strengths were its:

  •  project management skills
  •  timely responses
  • great troubleshooting.

interAction beat two other companies for the project. Wayne said they had the best grasp of what needed to be done. They understood his industry including the legislative requirements.

“interAction successfully dumbed down our process so we didn’t have to rely on an expensive specialist IT resource – it’s now an intranet and account management function. They were very quick, very helpful
and gave very good project direction.” - Wayne Pointon, COO, Debitsuccess

He said interAction’s knowledge of effective marketing communication has also meant low spam mail and great open rates.

“interAction were very quick, very helpful and gave very good project direction.”

The project has been so successful and the process so good, Debitsuccess is looking to interAction to help it enter new markets in Asia, the US and UK.