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Tap into our data services to improve your messaging and use our innovative applications to manage and automate your customer communication workflow.




Database Marketing & Data Services

We are the experts in data driven marketing, including verification, analytics and processing

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Our data services are the muscle behind any customer communication activity.

We regularly help our clients manage database marketing and data driven marketing to drive their results and customer interaction further. We also assist clients such as financial institutions to communicate highly specific transactional information – such as bank statements and credit card invoices – to their customers.

This means we’re used to dealing with large volumes of data and delivering confidential, time-critical information to the right person. We’ve even developed applications to manage communication activities and automate workflows.

What happens when we apply our data expertise to a marketing campaign?

Hold on to your hat!

Contact us for more information on our analytics and verification services, automated processing and workflow application development.


Data Analytics

Our data analytics service is like having a fireside chat with each of your customers.

It can help you target your messages and offers, identify communication preferences and help you find more loyal customers just like them.

Put the kettle on, and let’s get started.

Contact us for more information on how our analytics service can improve your marketing and transactional customer communication programs.



You’ve got an important message to get to your customer via mail or email and before you know it you’re up to your neck in returns: UNDELIVERABLE. NOT AT THIS ADDRESS. That’s an expensive way to cleanse your database and you’ve missed out on a vital communication touch point with your client.

Do you want to save money and improve your relationship with your customer?

Our verification service will help you:

  • verify postal addresses
  • verify email addresses
  • de-dupe your data
  • rectify simple data entry errors.
  • data parsing & matching (duplicate matching and list washing)
  • address verification
  • email address verification
  • ABN / Business name verification

You can engage us to verify your database to improve the strike rate of your own marketing activities, or we can manage the whole campaign for you.


Automated Processing

You’ve worked with us to cleanse and analyse your data and we’re now working on your most successful marketing or transactional communication piece yet.

Introducing… automated processing!

Automated processing puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you, through an online portal, the ability to trigger your campaign, choose the output channel (email, hardcopy or both), monitor progress and automate the follow-up activity.

Our proprietary software can be tailored to support your specific communication activity, from a marketing appeal, to managing ongoing transactional customer communications.

Take a look from the driver’s seat:

  • proof your creative
  • choose your preferred output channel
  • launch the campaign
  • analyse the results in near-real time via your dashboard
  • automate the follow up activity.

Contact us to talk to us about tailoring this product to suit your business.


Workflow application development

But wait, there’s more…

Our specialty is developing applications to automate your customer communication workflow.

Perhaps your marketing campaign has a call to action that requires new customers to sign-up for a trial subscription? We can develop an application to capture the information they provide to populate and trigger a range of follow up communication touch points: a welcome email, a reminder that the trial is about to end, and an offer to sign up in full.

You can also integrate a tailored application across your whole business.

That’s right – we can help you map your customer journey and develop an application that automates all your transactional communication touch-points.

We’re talking automated:

  • customer welcome packs
  • newsletters
  • invoices
  • statements
  • special offers
  • scheduled phone follow-ups.

Think of the time you’ll save. Think how happy your customers will be to receive the right information at the right time. Oh, and your IT Department? They’ll love that they can get on with providing operational support to your business without being software developers too.

Contact us today to talk to us about how we can automate your customer communication workflow.


Direct Mail Services

We assist clients throughout Australia with a range of direct mail solutions

If you need complete direct mail services, we have the experience and expertise knowledge to handle your mail marketing campaign effectively.

We are a full service mail house, providing the full breadth of direct mail solutions including database management, verification, print and send management.

Learn more about our direct mail services.


Data Related Services

At interAction we can also provide an insight into the following for your next campaign. Let us help you check:

  • Phone number connection status
  • Geospatial data appending
  • National Change of Address services
  • Deceased register
  • Do Not Call register checking


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