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Is your business prepared for remote working?

Moving premises due to COVID-19? The government action plan details that working from home is to be encouraged, and many businesses are adopting remote working to mitigate the risk coronavirus may present. There are many solutions that facilitate a remote workforce, and providing your employees have an internet connection at home, they may be able to log in to your company infrastructure and access documents, communication channels and connect their VOIP phone. But, have you considered how you will manage physical mail if your offices are closed? Important mail such as contracts and invoices present a risk to the ongoing operation of your business if nobody is there to action them. If your business is closing temporarily or permanently due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ll help get your important mail scanned and emailed to your preferred address or redirected to your nominated street address. 

How it works

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When we receive your mail, our solutions convert your letters into digital format.

Once digitised, it’s easy to distribute mail to your nominated email or cloud-based destination.

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Flexible Plans

Depending on the amount of mail you expect to receive, our business team is on hand to advise you on the best plan.

You’ll have total flexibility to revert back to physical mail if the remote working need ends.

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Getting Started

Our dedicated business team is on hand to support you through account setup and beyond.

There are a few steps we’ll need to take – such as identity verification – but we’ll guide you through this before you know it.

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