ASK AN EXPERT – Donna Beavan, General Manager

November 26, 2015

Donna Beavan_ General Manager Interaction AustraliaDonna oversees the daily operations at interAction. From scheduling, to liaising with clients and assisting with production, Donna is across it all!

According to Donna the most common mistake clients make when introducing a client communication strategy is time allocation.

“We are all guilty of it, wanting everything to be completed yesterday and never scheduling enough time for production and dispatch, especially around this time of year”

Allocating a reasonable amount of time from processing and proofing through to production is imperative to ensure all campaigns are distributed to the highest quality.

While time allocation maybe of concern at present, Donna believes that maybe a thing of the past in the next 5 years.

“I predict a high percentage of what is now physical mail will be delivered electronically”.

“More and more I am seeing new technologies emerge that put particular ownership on the client. This is exciting as it allows clients to have the flexibility to deliver their material in a variety of ways electronically, while also allowing them complete control over their data. It keeps them in the driver’s seat so they don’t have to hand over the wheel to third parties who may misuse it”.

Due to the increasingly high cost of postage it will not be economical for business to continue to communicate via mail.

PRO TIP: Electronic mail is instantaneous, secure and reduces transport emissions. Companies need to be planning their transition across to digital communication platforms now to remain relevant. We can help them with that solution.

For more information on the digital communication platforms interAction can provide please call our offices now on 4987 5419.

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