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October 15, 2015

Andrew Burg_ interAction Australia_Ask An Expert



IT All Rounder at interAction Australia

On a day-to-day basis Andrew works with customers to build systems & workflows that automate the data receipt, processing, proofing, distribution & feedback to help their business & their customers.

According to Andrew the best way for clients to protect themselves against data security breaches is education, smart policies and vigilance at all times.

“Many people don’t understand the importance of data security until it’s too late”

It’s the transportation of data that is the most critical. There are however many services and tools available on the market to encrypt data and transport it.

“Personally I prefer to encrypt data with GPG and transferred over SFTP”

ANDREW’S PRO TIP: Standardise your database so that everything is in separate fields. For example Title, First Name, Last Name, Suburb, State, Postcode and so on. It is easier to join fields than to separate them. Having fields separate allows for greater personalisation of communications.

InterAction provides services to help standardise, validate, cleanse and improve data. If you are having issues with the state of your current database why not call 02 4987 5419 and see how we can help you get the best out of your data.

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